"The widespread enthusiasm of today’s youth in online community activities presents an encouraging opportunity."
— Huffington Post/Mills University and University of Chicago study.

(Source: The Huffington Post)

yes to being collaborative and volunteering to explore the democratic possibilities of contemporary media. doing it for the passion not for the money.

The Noun Project—“sharing, celebrating and enhancing the world’s visual language”

how do we disruptively innovate the media industry?

"You’re not competing on the basis of whether you have unique news. You’re competing with the entire world on the basis of the value that consumers get out of your product."
— Blogger quoting Steve Yelvington when discussing the Future of journalis.

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Stills from Carlos Javier Ortiz’s documentary “Too Young to Die” .

The Guardian delivered a great story today on UK youth using texting, apps and social media to get advice/info on sexual health.

This was really wild to me—"Three-quarters of 11- to 16-year-olds in the UK have a mobile that can access the internet, and the number is rising rapidly: only a year ago the figure was 65 percent.” 

It got me thinking/searching to find how many youth in Chicago have access to mobile phones with Internet? And what if this same kind of thinking could be technologically applied youth reporting on safe passage and crime?

More young people being killed in Chicago than any other American city, and these same youth have an understandable distrust of the police. I’ve witnessed this gap in communication unfold as Marshall High School students have attempted to present their community safe passage maps (more than 300 testimonies of where youth feel safe and unsafe when getting to school) to police and authorities have failed to respond. Police haven’t given them the respect and attention they deserve.

My hope is that these youth don’t lose momentum because of a broken system.

Maybe this technology can allow us to build a better, more democratic system.

"Troubled youth turning to social media to vent thoughts of depression, suicide."
Specifically about Dallas. Guessing there are national trends.

(Source: dallasnews.com)

I’m glad I saw this movie when it came out. I was 11. I feel like every time I’ve watched it since then I find more reasons to love it.

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GZA, RZA and Bill Murray.

Groucho Marx dancing with Diana Ross.